As the Cedar Rapids community grows as a multi-faceted society, cultural events are important more than ever. Cultural events and activities in the city will not only bring cultural awareness and project social inclusion, but it can also help our society to harness and bring out creative solutions and alternatives. 

Clothing of the Cultures Walks:

Clothing can be influenced by religion, climate or status in other cultures. Understanding the reasons why people dress differently can help bring out compassion. The fashion show is aim at assisting the community to gain more insight on how people dress in different cultures.

Empowering Cultural Awareness with Soccer:

This is a team building event. Kids from different ethnic groups are encouraged to join. The game provides collaboration between different cultures and helps our young participants to work together and achieve a common goal. Most importantly, we will use this opportunity to bring them messages about the DOs or Don’ts behaviors in our communities.

Platform for Community Speakers:

Speakers are invited from various communities to show their support and share their common goals.

Dancing to Bridge Cultures


 Law enforcement will provide demonstrations to our participants, they will also tell the safety expectations needed from the residents and citizens of the community. The event is to help in building awareness and enforce public safety.


Chadian dance

Buthanese dance